What are Sidity girls made of? ...
More than just sugar and spice and everything nice! A Sidity girl is someone who flaunts a confident look, is driven, and passionate about making her mark in life. Whether she’s
popular and trendy or independent and unique, she’s well put together…inside and out. Without a boast or brag, her beauty comes from her intelligence, inner strength, and natural charisma. You’ll know her when you see her…you’ll want to be her!

Sidity is a Designer Clothing Company dedicated to girls who have a love of fashion! Our edgy & hip alternative designs are made to show off your Sidity vibe! Whether you're an adorable sassy baby or a classy young lady, we strive for you to "stand out" and provide you with an "all that" experience! Our passion is to stylishly outfit you in designs that are inspired by a combination of things. From the cutest things that kids say, to cool designs inspired from “back in the day”. We also have a *Cancer Collection that is uplifting, meaningful & trendsetting. All in all, we promote looking and being at your best, wherever you are in life!

Dress the part with Sidity! Because you are all that, all of the time!
Live it! Love it! Flaunt it!

Based in Southern California, Founder and Designer, Shamille Wener
was inspired by the most important women in her life, her own Mother, who lost her battle to Breast Cancer in Oct. 1999. It was her Mother's inner strength, beauty, and dedication to her six children that motivated Shamille to create a clothing line for females of all ages, that embraced the values
that her mother instilled in her. As a concept for two years, it was the birth of her own beautiful daughter in 2006, that was the driving force to finally turn the idea of a girls clothing line into a reality!

After a year in the making, Sidity Clothing Company was launched mid 2007. Currently Shamille is living life to the fullest,
balancing a successful marriage, raising her daughter & son, as well as putting her younger sister through college, and working.
She is also pursuing her Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA), with goals of Sidity product placement in Retail Stores worldwide! It’s never too late to launch your dreams, life’s too short not to!

* In honor of those familiar with the fight against Cancer,
a portion of our profits from our Cancer Collection will be donated to help benefit
Breast Cancer Awareness, Treatment & Research Programs.

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